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If you live on the water in Monroe County and you’re looking for the best underwater fishing light, look no further.

Anglers LED underwater fishing light is like no other.  The patent pending design is by far the most energy-efficient system without sacrificing power or luminosity.  Our underwater fishing light has been engineered to attract more fish than any other light on the market. Most importantly, it is virtually maintenance free!

Your Underwater fishing light kit will include the billet aluminum fishing light, IP67 waterproof LED driver, and IP67 waterproof GFCI.

Set up is simple – unbox, drop into the water, and plug in.  Within minutes you’ll be enjoying your new waterfront oasis.

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What sets Anglers LED apart from the competition?


Our advanced underwater fishing light is designed to sink to the bottom unlike other brands on the market that float near the surface.  There are many benefits behind this design with the biggest being virtually no maintenance. With floating lights, barnacle growth is more rapid due to being near the surface and natural sun light. Also, with floating lights barnacles will attach much quicker and become less buoyant causing excessive movement with incoming and outgoing tides. Therefore, floating lights have extensive maintenance involved especially considering with a simple tide change your light could be floating on the surface causing overheating, resulting in your light to quit working.  Anglers LED underwater lights are water cooled and our specially designed light has no screws, nuts or bolts to corrode or deteriorate over time.


Anglers LED DC current vs Competitors AC current.

Our low voltage system creates a safe swim environment for everyone. Anglers LED kit includes an IP67 inline GFCI and IP67 AC to DC converter. This ensures everything above the waterline is protected by the GFCI and anything below the water line is low voltage. This gives the peace of mind that there will be no electrical shock in the water.


Anglers LED contained light vs Competitors exposed bulb

We have designed our lights to last. Corrosion is the enemy for underwater lighting and with competitors exposed bulbs they are more susceptible to corrosion causing them to quit working. Anglers LED has designed a leak free system with triple o-ring seals.  This ensures our LED to be protected from corrosion and eliminates water intrusion.


Anglers LED underwater fishing light is designed to run on a dusk to dawn timer. By doing this, the heat generated from the LED to our ¼” thick glass lens will have minimal growth, giving you a quality underwater light without the maintenance or hassle.