Green dock light

Questions And Answers

Why should I choose Anglers LED?

Our Patent pending energy efficient LED uses up to half the power of conventional bulb systems. Our lights provide a perfect balance of true vivid green light output and heat, maximizing the attraction of fish.  Most importantly our low voltage system provides a safe swimming environment.

How are Anglers LED lights Installed?

Underwater lights from Anglers LED are simple to install in just a matter of minutes. They are virtually plug-and-play. Simply secure your waterproof LED driver, toss the light in the desired location, and plug the electrical cord into your GFCI outlet.

How long is the power cord?

All Angler LED lights come with a 30’ cord. Longer cords are available at a charge of $1.50 per foot.

What is the recommended depth that Anglers LED light should be placed?

For the best results in clear water our lights should be placed in water depths of 5’ to 20’ of water.

Does the light come with a warranty?

Yes! In consideration of the time and dedication taken to produce the best product on the market today, we stand behind our product 100%.

We include a 1 year manufacturer defect warranty.